Quality Policy


It takes years to build a brand name in the market, but a poor-quality manufacturing process can ruin it in a day. At Sujo Plast, we are committed to ensuring our reputation sticks by continuously providing high-quality plastic injection moulding products.  To ensure we achieve this, we have a stringent Quality Policy that we adhere to at all times.

Our stringent quality control processes enable us to create plastic moulding prototypes and products of top-notch quality. Sujo Plast relies on a highly effective quality control and inspection process that ensures all received raw materials meet our quality threshold to produce only the finest products

Our Quality Control Principles

These are the strict quality control principles that we strongly abide by to ensure we always meet the quality expectations of our clients and the market at large.

1.      Quality Control Is A Team Effort

At Sujo Plast, it is every team member’s responsibility to ensure the strict raw material sourcing, and production process, among other operation policies, are enforced correctly. There is no single entity or individual with the sole responsibility of maintaining quality. It is our collective responsibility, and that is what has brought us this far.

2.      A Perfect Quality Control System Is Always Under Improvement

Sujo Plast believes that there can never be an end to the quality control improvement process. It is always a work in progress. And that is why we always seek better ways of improving our quality delivery process. We have done this by the acquisition of more advanced plastic injection moulding machines and onboarding highly qualified teams.  Apart from this, we always welcome new ideas into our processes to ensure our clients get high-quality product supplies each time.

3.      Meet And Surpass Client Specifications

The quality standards are often defined by the client’s specifications. At Sujo Plast, we always endeavour to achieve those requirements and go a notch higher to surpass them. Through a coordinated approach with the clients, we help them discover shortcomings in their prototypes to manufacture better quality products whenever applicable.

4.      Improve Overall Efficiency By Continuous Improvement Of The Manufacturing Process

An efficient manufacturing process is cost-effective, time conscious, and within the project specifications. Sujo Plast is dedicated to continuously improving our manufacturing processes to meet these requirements. We have demonstrated this through years of hard work and the upgrade of our skills, human resources, and infrastructure.

5.      Maintain An Eco-Conscious Manufacturing Process

Minimizing waste and pollution is our top priority. While meeting clients’ requirements and quality standards, we always endeavour to make our processes eco-friendly. We have installed processes and infrastructure in place to reuse as much residue as possible.

While doing this, we also ensure that the emission of wastes to the immediate ecosystem is minimised to uphold the quality of life of people and the community at large.

Sujo Plast is growing rapidly and with this growth comes plenty of challenges. We are very much aware of these obstacles and are always developing better ways to meet the quality requirements of our clients and the entire market both locally and globally.


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