About Sujo Plast

Sujo Plast is a leading plastic injection moulding manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience.

Our Unending Quest for Excellence

Our years of dedicated excellence and unending search for the most cost-effective, accurate, and efficient plastic injection moulding have paid off. Today, we are an SQ Certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified firm, trusted by top manufacturers to create on-demand manufacturing assemblies and parts. As the years went by we expanded our processes by introducing pad printing, ultrasonic welding, customized product assembly, and orbital riveting process.

The Team At Sujo Plast

Working to achieve the top position as a leading plastic injection moulding company has not been easy. It took dedicated effort, resilience, and an unending quest to enhance the plastic manufacturing industry. Sujo Plast, led by the pioneers, Suresh Abraham and Jose, has grown to be a brand name trusted to touch lives and make a difference.

Our team of specialists is Sujo Plast’s most valued asset. We are composed of a team of highly experienced professionals with a combination of unique abilities and knowledge that propel our company forward to become a trusted brand. Our team embraces open and independent thoughts, teamwork, and dedication to solve the most difficult manufacturing problems.

Sujo Plast’s flywheel keeps rotating because of the dedication of our technicians, 3D designers, mechanical engineers, marketers, and more. We believe that our clients have built trust in us because of their contribution.

We serve a broad Industry spectrum.

Sujo Plast creates solutions for innovators. We make it possible for our clients to present their ideas to their market niches. By manufacturing their products using our plastic injection mouldings, these companies change the lives of people around the world.

Our clients are manufacturers of home electronics, automobile parts, electronic gadgets, medical components, and more. Some of the top global brands that rely on our plastic moulding solutions include Philips Domestic Appliances India Limited, INFAC India, Preethi Kitchen Appliances Limited, Electromags, Sharda Motor, Flintobox, VP Engineers, Gesco Healthcare, CellBios, and more.


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